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High School Esports Competition Venues

Generation Esports HSEL

Generation Esports is one of the leaders in hosting esports tournaments for high shool and middle school students. A student needs to be regestered and approved to participate in the opportunities offered by the HSEL. Competitions are hosted in a variety of free and paid tournamnet platforms (can be played from home).  The HSEL has also partnered with LHSAA to host a state approved competition in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, League of Legends and Rocket League. If you are interested in esports contact Mr. Clark at room 127 to see how you can get on the pathway to competing.  

Vanta Gaming

Vanta is a newer esports facilitator that boasts a completely free experience for students and coaching support. For the 2022-2023 season opportunites will be available to participate with vanta for students who are willing to practice and show reliablity through team and solo recreational competition.