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NJROTC Uniform Information


Uniform days are every Mondays unless instructed by Naval Science Instructor.


Uniform Wear and Grading Policy

                                                        Cadets abridge Uniform Regulations

201.     General.   This chapter provides guidance to cadets concerning the proper wear of the NJROTC uniform, for correct personal grooming and for public conduct while in uniform.  Each cadet is responsible for knowing and following the standards of grooming, conduct and uniform wear established here and by the Chief of Naval Education and Training in the current edition of the Cadet Field Manual, Chapter 1.  Tips on grooming and uniform care are contained in Appendix 7.  Since this chapter provides some special rules that are observed at Ouachita Parish High School, it should be followed in the event of disagreement with the Cadet Field Manual.


202.     Rules of conduct in uniform.  NJROTC cadets, when in uniform, are looked upon by the public as representatives of the U.S. Navy.  It is important, therefore, that the reputation of the Navy not suffer because of poor cadet conduct or appearance in uniform.  The following excerpt from U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations applies to NJROTC cadets in uniform when they are in public view:

Public showing of affection (hand holding, embracing, etc.), placing hands in pockets, and smoking, eating and or drinking beverages while in uniform as pedestrians detracts from military smartness and as such is considered inappropriate.

The restriction on eating and drinking refers only to walking along or near public streets and not to the school campus at lunchtime.


203.     When to wear the uniform.


            a. A standard "uniform day" will be designated in the Plan of the Day in NJROTC, normally Monday.  A special event, such as the annual Navy inspection, the U.S. Navy birthday, or Veterans Day may change the "uniform day" for the week in which it occurs, but any changes will be announced well ahead of time and put on the schedule board in the classroom.  On the official "uniform day", a cadet must wear a full and complete uniform from the time they leaves home in the morning, until they return home after school, unless they have received permission to change from the SNSI or NSI in advance.  Permission may be granted to change after school for such things as varsity sports practices or some jobs.  Even if a student expects to check out of school early on his uniform day, goes on a field trip, or does not attend NJROTC class that day, he still must wear the uniform unless excused in advance.


            b. If a cadet wishes to wear the uniform at another time, such as for an event special to him or his family, he should get permission from the SNSI or NSI in advance.


204.     Penalty for not wearing the uniform.


            a. A cadet, present in school for any part of the day, who does not wear the uniform on the designated day, will receive a grade of zero for that day.


            b. A cadet in uniform who does not meet minimum standards for uniform appearance or for personal grooming, will be given a grade of zero for the day.  (Failing to wear a required part of the uniform such as a the shoes or any issued item is failing to meet minimum standards.)


            c. The only way a zero grade, assigned under paragraph 204.a. or 204.b., can be removed, is for the cadet to wear the uniform properly on another school day.  If he wears the uniform the very next day he is present in school, the zero will be removed and not counted as a grade.  If the cadet makes up the uniform day at a later date during the same grading period, a grade of 50 will be substituted for the zero.  Repeated failure to wear the uniform on the proper day or failure to remove a zero grade more than twice in a semester will result in the cadet being dropped from NJROTC.


205.     Borrowing or lending uniform items.  Uniforms are issued to a cadet for his sole use.  Items may not be loaned to another cadet or used by any other person, whether or not they are in NJROTC.  A cadet is not permitted to borrow or be in possession of any item of uniform or other equipment not formally issued to him or her.


206.     Exchanges or replacement of uniform items.


            a.  If any uniform item does not fit properly or is too worn to look correct, it will be replaced at no cost to the cadet.  Cadets should see the SNSI to obtain an alteration slip or to obtain authorization for exchange.  An item to be exchanged must be  cleaned and pressed, before it is turned in, unless it is clearly not suitable for reissue (as determined by the SNSI).


            b.  NO exchanges or issues of replacement uniform items will be made on a day scheduled for a graded uniform inspection -- plan ahead!


           c.  Lost items of uniforms or equipment will be replaced upon payment for the item at the current Navy Catalog price.  Payment must be by check payable to Ouachita Parish High School so that the school may reimburse the U. S. Navy.  The SNSI or NSI may authorize payment to be delayed or suspended for good reason, but it must be shown that the loss or damage was beyond the cadet's control.


            d.  Uniforms must be returned when a cadet is no longer enrolled in NJROTC at OPHS.  Uniforms accepted for return must be in good condition and reflect only normal wear and tear.  Items must be cleaned and pressed prior to turn-in unless, in the judgment of the NSI, they are not fit for issue to another cadet.


207.     Formal uniform inspection.


            a.  A graded formal uniform inspection will be held during a class period one or more times each 6-weeks and the grade will be treated the same as a test grade.


          b. A cadet who has an excused absence from school on an inspection day must make-up the inspection within one school week of his return to school in order to receive full credit for the inspection.  An inspection made up after one week will have 20 points deducted from the credit otherwise earned.  Make-up inspections are held before school, on any school day except a scheduled uniform day.


         c.  A cadet's appearance that is below the minimum standard, shall receive an overall inspection grade of zero (see paragraph 204.c.).


208.     Missed uniform days.  If a uniform day is missed because of an excused absence from school, makeup will be required only for the second and subsequent "uniform day" absences during the same nine weeks.  Starting with the second missed uniform day, excused or not, a grade of zero will be assigned until the day is made up in the manner described in paragraph 204.c. above; however, full credit will be allowed if makeup is accomplished within one week of return to school.


209.     Repeated failure to wear the uniform.  


  Regular and proper uniform wear is a required part of the NJROTC course.  Unexcused failure to wear the uniform more than twice in one nine week period may normally result in the student being dropped from NJROTC without credit.


210.     Hat wear. 


            a.  Except while actually inside a car or bus, hats must be worn on the way to school, going home and at most other times while outdoors in uniform.  Hats are required to be brought to NJROTC class on each uniform day and will be worn when outside and during marching drills. 


            c.  Boys may not wear hats inside any classroom.


           d.  Girls may wear hats inside the classroom if their choice of hairstyles makes this necessary or desirable.


211.     Girl's shoes and handbags. 


            a.         Girls ( NS2 and above ) may choose to wear dress pumps instead of their Navy issue shoes on days when they wear their uniform. 


            b.  Handbags are not provided by the Navy.  If possible, girls should carry a black bag of plain design and small to moderate size when wearing the uniform.


212.          Organizational Clothing: The following items of clothing are authorized for wear with any NJROTC uniform while on the campus of Ouachita Parish High School and while in transit from and to your place of residence:

                 NJROTC OPHS command Ball Cap

                 Any outer garment that is authorized for wear by the U.S. NAVY

                 Any outer garment that is authorized for wear by NJROTC OPHS


         NOTE: NONE of the above articles are authorized for wear during inspection.



213.          Saluting.  While in uniform, proper military salutes and greetings are required to be rendered to, all commissioned officers, the SNSI, cadet officers senior to you, and to the Principal of Ouachita Parish High School.

  For detailed information please refer to your cadet field manu