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Student Parking Permits

2023-2024 Student Parking Permits

If an OPHS student would like to enjoy the privilege of driving a personal car to school, students must fill out the Vehicle Registration Form(link HEREAND purchase a student parking permit sticker online through the Online School Payment Portal for $10 (link HERE). Parking permits are required all school year and can be purchased throughout the school year. 

You will need the following to complete the Vehicle Registration Form:

1. Personal Driver’s License (CANNOT BE A PERMIT – MUST BE A Licensed Driver)

2. Vehicle Registration

‚Äč3. Proof of Insurance 

Students will upload a copy of each of these in the Vehicle Registration Form.  Once everything has been verified, student may pick up the student parking permit sticker in the Library from Mrs. Chunn.  Stickers are now available. 

Students must fill out a vehicle registration form for each vehicle that he/she wishes to drive on campus.

OPHS students are only allowed to park in the student parking lot (lot behind the AG building-GATE 1 is the entrance).

Tickets will be written to those who are not following handbook procedures for student parking and/or who haven’t obtained a student parking permit beginning October 1stAll fines are now $10 per offense.  For those students who do not have their license yet but are planning on driving to school after October 1st, please use this same procedure to obtain a student parking permit anytime throughout the year.  

If you ever have an issue with vehicle registration, student parking permits, or student parking in general, please direct your questions to Mrs. Chunn – 


Scan the QR code below for link to 2023-2024 Student Vehicle Registration:

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