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Typing at Home

Typing Practice at Home

During our typing lessons, there will be limited homework.  However, it is always helpful to practice the keys we learned in class while you are home.  I only ask that you follow these guidelines:

1.  Try to only practice the letters we have covered in class.  Many of the sites will not go in the same order that we are, so just try your best.  If you finish, repeat instead of moving forward..  This will keep you from developing bad habits or mis-hit keys. is a great program that lets you customize the games to only include the letters we have learned!!! 

2.  Tape a sheet of paper over the keyboard from the top, and slip your hands under the paper.  The practice won't be as successful if you can see the keys.

3.  Remember good posture and finger placement. Don't type like a T-Rex!!

4.  Set goals for yourself and work to beat your goals! Do not spend time worrying about how fast someone else can type, you will get there!!!

Use the following links for drill practice:

OR once we have learned most of the keyboard, choose a favorite magazine, poem or book chapter and type the copy into a word processing document.

EVEN if you don't have a full size keyboard, place your keyboard sheet that is in your binder flat on a table and practice pressing the correct keys.