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Students can and will be removed from any ZOOM Session for not abiding or obeying any of the following NORMS and any behavior or actions NOT stated here that the teacher deems inappropicate for the ZOOM Session. If a student is removed, he/she will not receive any of the Bonus Points alloted for that session.

1. All classroom norms apply when in a Zoom session. In other words, if you wouldn't do it while in physical class, don't do it while in digital class. 


2. Students must also have a quiet area with good lighting available to participate in a Zoom session for when video is permitted. A computer, laptop, or chromebook is preferred over a cell phone if possible.


3. Students need to remain on mute while the teacher and classmates are speaking. 


4. Students must use the Response Icon to raise a hand to be called upon as time permits for  participation.

5. Students should immediately mute after speaking.

6. Students must also follow any additional specific guidelines provided by a teacher in each Zoom meeting not included on this list. (This provides teachers to add customized norms for special projects or collaborations).

7. No recording of a Zoom meeting session may be posted or screen shots taken for any other purpose other than viewing by the students and the teacher in the class.

8. Zoom is a privilege that may be revoked if any of the above or below norms are not followed.

9. Dress Code-students must be modest and appropriate in their attire. If a student does not follow this policy, the teacher will remove them from the Zoom meeting and students can watch the class recorded video lecture at another time. Students will NOT receive the BONUS POINTS and the teacher will notify administration. 


10. Students must use appropriate electronic backgrounds on their Zoom platform and not have any inappropriate items behind them in the room while on a Zoom meeting. 


11. If you would like to use the chat box, remember that it is public and a record of the chat is kept  and archived.


12. Have paper and a pen or pencil handy to take notes.


Additional student guidance: