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COVID-19 Instructional Materials

This page consists of scale and rudiment sheets for all-state/honor band.  Students should be practicing at least 3 of the scales on the scheet every day.  Make a routine and make sure you get through all 12 major scales in the week.  If you aren’t able to practice with your instrument you can still practice your fingerings and buzz on your mouthpiece.  I have attached a pdf of the Circle of 5ths. This is an easy way to make a scale practice routine.  Just simply follow the circle from C major until you get back around to C major.  


Go to Educational Websites page on my teacher page.

I have included a few websites to help students maintain their music knowledge. is a great tool to practice note identification and listening skills.  Just pick one or two topics to practice on every day or so. 

I have included a link to a website that has all of the all-state/honor band audition material.  I have included a step by step formula for practice these etudes.