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All-State/Honor Band Audition Material

All-State Music for the 2020-2021 school year is Set 1.  These audtions will take place sometime in late September.

District One Honor Band Music for 2020-2021 school year is Set 2.  These auditions will take place sometime in early/mid December


Make sure to take you time when learning these etudes.  

1st   Perform the piece by rhythm only.  Pick a note and play the rhythm of the piece on that note.  Play with good tone!

2nd Perform the piece note by note.  Disregard Rhythm.  Always make sure to play with GOOD TONE!

3rd Perform the piece with correct notes and rhythms but at an extremely slow tempo and take it section by section.  4 to 6 measures at a time.  Play with Good Tone!

4th Perform the piece with larger sections but remember to perform with musicality. (Ex. Phrasing, Dynamics, Articulation, etc.) Play with Good Tone!

5th Perform the piece from beginning to end (still at a slow tempo)  Be musical and play with Good Tone!

6th Work piece up to required tempo.  Again **Play With Good Tone!**

Music Theory Study/Pracitce


Time signature understanding/pracitce


Vic Firth Rudiments

Students can use this site to access all 40 PAS (Percussive Arts Society) Rudiments.  This site offers tabs for the different types of rudiments (Rolls, Paradiddle, Flam, and Drag).  All rudiments have their own tab where students can see how the rudiment looks as written music and how each rudiment is to be performed.  One cool feature that is available is the different levels of performance where students can play along at different tempi. Increasing their speed as they progress.

Steve Weiss Music

This is a great resource for buying Percussion Instruments, Sticks, Mallets, and Sheet Music.


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