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Introduction to Business Computer Applications Class

IBCA ‚ÄčClass Information

  • First Semester  
    • First Six Weeks—Learners will demonstrate how to correctly key letters and numbers (top row) by touch.  Correct technique is emphasized.  Test grades are given based on theTechnique Check Sheet rubric.  A Work Habits grade and a weekly class production printout (accuracy) will be class work grades. 
    • Second Six Weeks—Learners will demonstrate how to correctly key symbols and numbers (numeric keypad) by touch.  Word processing functions will be utilized to format personal-business letters, memorandums, e-mails, and unbound reports.  Test grades will be given for weekly class production printouts (accuracy) and knowledge of the correct format of memorandums, e-mails, and unbound reports.  Work Habits will be a class grade.  
    • Third Six Weeks—Word processing functions will be utilized to format personal-business letters.  Timed writing grades will be given to determine speed and accuracy.  Test grades will be given for weekly class production printouts (accuracy), timed writings, and knowledge of the correct format of the letters.  A Work Habits grade will be given.
  • Second Semester  
    • Learners will discuss Office basics, Windows basics, and Word basics; perform basic editing; use helpful Word features; format text; format paragraphs and documents; work with graphics; work with documents; and increase efficiency using Word.  Learners will read, discuss, and execute each lesson’s step-by-steps.  They will be tested on their knowledge of the material.
    • Industry Based Certification—Computer technology will be presented that will lead to the learner’s ability to achieve industry based certification for Microsoft Office Specialist Word.  Learners will use practice software to prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist Word exam.  They will be given the opportunity to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Word exam.

Visit Carraway's CyberNotes to read class assignments.

GMetrix Practice for MOS Exams 

GMetrix MOS Practice Tests Quick Start Guide at or click Quick Start Guide


LA DOE--IBCA Standard 
~~Apply proper keyboarding techniques to input data and produce personal and business documents. 
~~Develop touch keyboarding skills at acceptable speed and accuracy levels.

First Six Weeks
~~80% Weekly Technique Rubric (Tests)
~~20% Classwork/Homework/Work Habits
Second Six Weeks
Third Six Weeks 

~~Each evening students are to practice the new keys introduced in class that day. (Homework Practice Sheets have been given to each student to practice new keys introduced in class that day.)
~~Students are to strike the key with the proper finger.  
~~Students are NOT to look away from the source document.  (They are not to look at fingers or the computer screen while keying.  If necessary, cover the keyboard with a sheet of paper taped to the top of the keyboard and place hands below the paper.  The computer screen can also be covered with a sheet of paper.)

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Self-directed Learning “A process in which students take the initiative to diagnose their learning needs, formulate learning goals, identify resources for learning, select and implement learning strategies, and evaluate learning outcomes.  The role of the instructor shifts from being the 'sage on the stage' to the 'guide on the side' in a self-directed learning environment.”

When Tech Teaches, What Do Teachers Do?  Innovative educators enjoy using high quality digital programs to support learning where they work, but it does mean their role shifts.  There are several changes in environments where technology is used to  teach.  

Flipped Classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom.  It moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom.

Area of Destiny--What you love, what you're good at, what the world needs.