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Welcome to Mrs. McMillan's Geometry class! 


Bonus work will start Monday, April 27th.  I will be hosting a Zoom session each Wednesday starting April 29th from 9 to 9:45. This will be part of your bonus points for the week. The Zoom Meeting ID and Password will be the same for all meetings. If you want to participate, email me and let me know, and I will send it to you.

Read through the following information included on the link below to learn more about Zoom:

Your assignments will be on Springboard online. You will login using your school Google Account like we did when we took the midterm exam. In case you need more instructions, click the link below.

Week 1 (April 27 – May 1): Pythagorean Theorm (3 quizzes due by May 1st at 3pm)

Week 2 (May 4 – 8): Right Triangle Trig (3 quizzes due by May 8st at 3pm)

Click for : Power Point on Right Triangle Trig

Week 3 (May 11 – 15) Volume of Solids and Area (6 quizzes due by May 15th at 3pm)

Week 4 (May 18 – 22) Area (Mrs. Bonner has asked that we have all grades in by the 15th, so week 4 will be in with week 3.)

Those of you who did your work due April 14th have already received your points for Week 4. 


To get ready for Algebra II, review factoring from Algebra I.

The following is a YouTube link to videos of Mr. Tatum showing the different factoring skills needed to do well in Algebra II.


If you are preparing to take the ACT, the following Quizzlett can help you learn the formulas:

Click Here


Go to and click the Home Learning link for more geometry practice

To review material for the school year:

Go to and click the HOME LEARNING tab and find the Geometry link.

Click for a Springboard Interactive Full Study Guide.



Every student enrolled in Mrs. McMillan’s classes needs to complete this survey by Friday, April 24, 2020. If you did not complete this with your decision on your final grade in my class, Option 1 was chosen for you and you will keep the grade the you currently had.”

Survey Link:












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