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DO NOW: Every student enrolled in Mrs. Justus’s classes need to complete this survey by Friday, April 24, 2020. If you do not complete this with your decision on your final grade in my class, Option 1 will be chosen for you.

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Here is a video explaining the items I have uploaded for each class that can be found in the folder titled “School Closure Work.”

Here are also a few links for help with reviewing for the CLEP tests.



Algebra II:

Also, for Algebra II, I just uploaded all of the College Algebra documents I had and put them under a new tab on your class’s page. I’m sorry that each page is a separate document, but I haven’t had the time to edit them like I was planning to do over the coming weeks.

Supposedly this is a free option for all of the CLEP exams:

Stay safe and email me if you need me :)

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Welcome to Mrs. Justus’s Classroom!

GT/AP Calculus

Physics (Honors)

GT Pre-Calculus

GT Algebra II

GT Geometry


Claire Justus

Planning Period: 1st Hour (7:52-8:48)



Please see the calendar for each day’s assignment!



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7:52-8:48 (1st Hour)

Claire Justus